4 Types Of Secuirty Cameras That Are Ideal For A Tiny House

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4 Types Of Secuirty Cameras That Are Ideal For A Tiny House

4 Types Of Secuirty Cameras That Are Ideal For A Tiny House

11 May 2016
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Living in a tiny house means that you have to deal with small spaces, little rooms, and a lot of downsizing. Even when living in a tiny house, you need the proper protection and security to ensure that your home is protected. To help keep surveillance on the small-sized home, you can purchase a variety of security cameras. The following four security cameras can be used on either the interior or exterior of a tiny home. They each provide quality footage that can help add the extra protection that you are seeking.  

Wireless Outdoor Camera

A tiny house only has so much and functionality. Wasting that space on wiring a home surveillance system could really cramp and crowd a tiny house. Instead of running wires through the home, you can purchase a wireless outdoor camera for your tiny house. This type of IP camera can connect through a Wi-Fi system to deliver camera footage to a hard drive or surveillance system DVR. The wireless connectivity can also give you instant access to footage through a cell phone or other device.

When you are selecting a wireless outdoor camera, there are multiple options to choose from. A camera with night vision can provide you with surveillance protection 24 hours a day. A weatherproof camera can handle rain and snow and has the durability to withstand high winds. The cameras can be mounted high on the tiny house to give a good view of the surrounding property.

Ceiling Cameras

When trying to install cameras in a small space, you may have cameras just recording the wall that sits opposite of it. Instead of having limited angles, you can select a ceiling camera that is installed inside of the tiny house. These cameras typically feature wide-angled lenses that can capture the whole view of a tiny house main floor area. This allows you to capture most of the surveillance with just a single camera. The lens can also be aimed towards the entrance of the tiny house so that you have clear footage of anyone entering or exiting the home.

Rotating Security Camera

Another way to capture the area of a tiny home is with a rotating security camera. Instead of wasting space inside the tiny house with multiple cameras, a rotating camera can capture all of the needed footage and be installed in a single location. These cameras are ideal for mounting up in the corner of a tiny house. The cameras can be set to automatically rotate on a continuous basis or set on a rotation timer. For example, the cameras can rotate every hour to a new position and capture the necessary footage. During the day, they can be set to the main living area of the tiny house, and at night, the camera can rotate to point at the entrance.

Hidden Device Cameras

The best way to live inside a tiny house is to make multiple uses out of a single space. Fold out tables, conversion beds, and multi-use showers are just a few of the features found in a typical tiny house. Get multiple uses out of a hidden camera when you install a hidden camera that has been built into an operational device. For example, you can purchase a hidden camera that is a built into a working clock radio or wall clock. This allows you to view the time and set alarms while still capturing surveillance footage. Additional hidden devices include small electronics like Blu-Ray players and docking stations. A number of these cameras operate using motion detection recording. This means that when viewing footage, you will only see video clips that captured motion within the tiny house.

Contact security companies about fitting and installing a variety of cameras inside your tiny house. The unique home size requires a lot of special care to ensure that everything is installed and operating correctly.

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