Two Main Types Of Remote Computer Repair Services And What They Offer

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Two Main Types Of Remote Computer Repair Services And What They Offer

Two Main Types Of Remote Computer Repair Services And What They Offer

24 May 2016
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Computers are sometimes taken for granted, until something goes wrong. With the internet no longer at your fingertips, you may even feel lost, isolated. This is even more noticeable for those who are confined to their homes, such as the ill, the elderly, or those who have transportation issues. Getting that computer to a repair shop is no easy task, especially if it's a desk model. Therefore, remote computer repair services, whether in the form of online help or a company that makes house calls, are welcome alternatives. Below is an explanation of these two main types of computer repair services and how they can help. 

Online Repair Services

Online repair services may be offered by companies that specialize in online only or by firms that also offer house calls. Using an online repair service often requires basic computer skills for the person needing help. Computer users usually must be able to follow basic instructions, such as downloading repair programs or following step-by-step instructions to both test and repair the device.

An alternative method is for the remote service technician to access your computer from their end and go through the testing and repair process remotely. For those with little computer skills, or patience, this is a viable option. If you choose to give them total access to your computer, it is especially important to choose a trusted company. The technician will be able to access everything on your system. Checking with the Better Business Bureau or private sites like Angie's List can help you find someone trustworthy.

Computer Repair House Calls

A growing trend in the industry is sending out technicians to customers and having them do the work onsite. Seniors and shut-ins especially appreciate the convenience of these house calls. Technicians may help with a number of items, in addition to troubleshooting and repairs.

Installing Wireless Networking

If the client's computer system is compatible, a wireless networking system may be added. The technician can explain and demonstrate the system in detail, face-to-face, and answer any questions that come up.

Install Anti-Virus or Internet Security Programs

Computer savvy clients are well aware of the viruses, worms and spyware that lurk about on the internet. New computer users may need a bit of education. House call technicians can check for computer "infections" and install the proper programs to prevent future attacks. They also provide easy to understand information as to why anti-virus software is important.

Data Backup and Recovery Issues

Technicians may also set up an automatic backup system, which protects data in case of a system failure. Clients usually appreciate not having to remember to do a manual backup.

Moving Computer Systems

If all you're dealing with is a laptop and a printer, chances are moving your computer system is no big deal. A desktop system is something else again. House call techs can move entire systems from room to room, sparing the client from dealing with all those wires.

Transporting Computers That Need Additional Work to the Home Office

In some cases, computers need more extensive service than a house call can provide. The computer may need a part that must be special ordered, such as a new disk drive. Sometimes a computer appears beyond help, but rather than suggesting a new computer right away, the tech might want to get a second opinion. The technician transports the computer to the home office and returns it if it can be fixed. For those on a limited income, the extra effort is doubly appreciated.

Consulting on a New Computer

When all else fails and the only solution is a new computer, the technician already has some idea of the client's wants, needs and computer knowledge. He can bring a few models for the client to look at, and then install the one that works best.

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