Slow Gaming Phone? Here's A Few Fixes

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Slow Gaming Phone? Here's A Few Fixes

Slow Gaming Phone? Here's A Few Fixes

21 September 2016
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Mobile gaming has grown to be more than just puzzle games and hidden object adventures. The wider world of gaming is becoming mobile as well, and if you're playing a graphics-intensive mobile game with a lot of processing power use, you can't deal with slow performance in other parts of the phone. If your phone is moving slow and has made your once smooth-operating game a choppy chugfest, here's a few tips that can get you back into the game.

Was There A Recent Update?

If you haven't changed anything with your phone, such as adding new apps or making configuration changes, was there a recent update? You need to think about the phone's operating system (OS) as well as the game's updates.

With Samsung phones, you need to be aware of updates to the Android system. Unfortunately, even if things seemed fine in your part of the gaming world, there's always new exploits being discovered that hackers could take advantage of or changes that make certain functions better. Remember, just because you didn't notice any problems doesn't mean that much more skilled, smarter and experienced people can't find a problem and turn it against you.

If you've noticed any updates near the time that performance issues changed, your first stop needs to be the game's support area. You'll either need to file a ticket, send an email to support, post on the forums, or all of these options to discuss the changes and your problems.

Changes with the operating system can affect your game or make your entire phone slow if the rest of the mobile device world has become much faster than your smartphone. Alternatively, the new changes to the phone's OS may not be compatible with your game. 

Updates to the game may not be compatible with the way your phone works, either, because of specific code conflicts with the operating system or because the game is taking advantage of something that new phones have, but your phone doesn't. In either case, you need to give the game developers your phone's model and operating system version.

Too Many Apps?

If you're the type of smartphone user who installs every app that looks cool, it might be time to uninstall a few things. The issue is that for every type of app platform--whether it's Apple, Android, Windows, Kindle or anything else--there are different types of programmers with different levels of skill.

In a perfect world, different apps would stay in the background and not suck up resources unless activated. Unfortunately, many amateur programmers create apps without best practices, or encounter problems with experimental code that challenges the way computers work. The former needs training and should be reported to the app store, while the latter is just a necessary part of progress.

If you haven't made any changes and you don't have many apps, there's a few other problems that could get in your way. You could have a virus, or your phone may simply be getting old. To figure out the specifics of your slow speed problems, contact a Samsung cell phone repair professional at a company like Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair.

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