The Advantages Of Traditional Landlines Over Mobile Phones

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The Advantages Of Traditional Landlines Over Mobile Phones

The Advantages Of Traditional Landlines Over Mobile Phones

29 December 2016
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Startups and small businesses have been increasingly moving towards mobile-only infrastructures. But a mobile-only infrastructure can only go so far. There are still some advantages that traditional landline connections have. Companies that are considering a shift towards a mobile infrastructure should consider these benefits first.

Landline Connections Have Better Connectivity

Landline connections will nearly always connect. They will also automatically connect to emergency services. But mobile phones may not be able to connect all the time. When dealing with employees, you may have employees who are on mobile devices on entirely different networks. When an employee changes networks, they may encounter issues with connectivity in the office. Landline connections, on the other hand, will be consistent.

Landline Connections Have Better Call Quality

Though mobile phones have been slowly improving their call quality and signal stability, landline connections still have a vastly more consistent call quality. Landline connections will generally remain consistent as well, though they do require that the individual be in the office. Mobile phones can actually have a very inconsistent call quality even within the office, especially in larger buildings.

Landline Connections Have Better Ease of Use

Landline phones are generally easier to use for long periods of time. Mobile phones are small and they aren't built for long conversations, whereas the headsets and handsets devised for landline use are. If your employees are spending a lot of time on the phone, a landline phone may simply be more comfortable. Landlines can also be integrated directly into software solutions, such as customer relationship management suites, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of your offices.

Landline Connections Have Better Programming

Landline connections can be programmed into a complete phone system and digital directory, thereby easily directing customers to different employees in a consistent way. When dealing with a network of mobile devices, the customer may be bounced back and forth and may become confused as to who they should be connecting with. Each mobile device will need to be programmed separately, making the entire process more difficult.

Apart from the above benefits, it should also be noted that landline connections are very affordable. When bundled with internet services and other business communications, a landline service can cost a business almost nothing -- making it a significant advantage. Landlines can also be integrated directly into mobile phone systems, giving them the best of both worlds in terms of functionality.

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