Every & Emergency Use for Travel Batteries

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Every & Emergency Use for Travel Batteries

Every & Emergency Use for Travel Batteries

1 May 2017
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Emergency equipment can seem distant if you're not going on a trip or dealing with obvious hazards on a daily basis. With smartphone becomes more intertwined in modern life--but without reliably long-lasting power to back up the need--many people have weighed the options of backup power packs, but how convenient are they to use? Get a feel for backup battery pack use in every day life and emergency situations by checking out a few scenarios.

Daily Charging on the Go

Throw out any idea that smartphones are just for work or general communications. Many people load up different apps ranging from games, movies, and music players to mobile versions of productivity suites. Smartphones are computers with a small added feature of a phone radio, and the resources from these apps--these programs--are major drains of battery power.

If you're someone who runs out of battery power and needs to find a wall socket to connect to, why? Travel-sized battery packs are the way to go, with slimline designs that can fit into a pocket as conveniently as a slightly thicker phone.

There are carrying cases for the battery packs to make things even easier. It can get a bit awkward to walk around with a phone and a battery pack in your hand as you get a charge, so consider getting a mesh cover or something with a loop that can be hooked onto a belt loop. 

If your friends regularly run out of battery power, they can connect while you charge at the same time! More advanced battery pack models contain more batteries and additional charging points to act like a hub of power. If they're leeching off your power too much, send them to your vendor of choice. Maybe ask them to get a different color to keep the team's appearance fresh.

Emergency Charging When Everyday Life Is Draining

If you're using your backup battery as a a convenient charge while in the living room, out in town, or too far from a comfortable charging point, you need to make sure that you're prepared for emergencies as well. Establish a few ground rules.

Charge your battery as often as you charge your phone. A travel battery pack is a management system with multiple phone batteries, and while it will last longer than a standard phone with the same battery type, it will become depleted if you use it a lot.

Don't use the battery for fun when on long trips. You need to control yourself to either use the pack for recharging sparingly, or buy more than one travel pack to keep the pack charged. Do you have a friend who just uses everything without chipping in? Now is the time to put your foot down. Say no to staying tethered to your battery pack through the whole trip, or make sure they get their own.

This also goes for phones: keep the battery packs out of direct sunlight. This doesn't mean you can't walk around town with your phone in the open sun, as some situations can't be helped. Just try not to leave the pack in sunlight in the car or on a bench.

Contact smartphone and battery companies like TYLT to discuss travel battery packs for Samsung devices and many other mobile charging needs.

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