What's The Difference Between Cloud Computing Options?

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What's The Difference Between Cloud Computing Options?

What's The Difference Between Cloud Computing Options?

22 April 2022
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Are you looking to use cloud computing for your business, but you're not sure which is the best way to do it? It can help to know the differences between three possible cloud computing options so that you can make a more informed decision. 

Public Cloud

A public cloud is what most people think about when they refer to the cloud. It is typically a service that you pay for on-demand, and it is a great way to use apps that your employees need every single day. For example, your email lives in the cloud where your employees can access it from anywhere. Other examples of the public cloud are collaboration software, customer relationship management software, HR software, and general business support apps. 

The downside to these public cloud services is that the provider has full control over the application. You are giving up a bit of control over how you use the service, but you are gaining the convenience of having it all handled for you. 

Private Cloud

A private cloud is much like a public cloud, but with a few key differences. It is when you are using your own data center to host the storage, and your company has full control over what goes onto the cloud and who can access it. This is great for companies that are capable of writing their own applications for their employees, have a limited scale of who will be using the private cloud, and want better performance over their applications.

What makes private cloud computing unique is that you can limit where people have access to your data. You may only want the cloud applications you use accessible from within your office building, which can act as a security measure to ensure that others are not accessing data offsite. 

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud using a combination of private and public cloud computing so that you get the best of both worlds. You have the option to use your applications in the private cloud for early deployment, but then push the application to the public cloud when you have a spike and demand and cannot handle all of the additional bandwidth yourself. 

As you can imagine navigating all these methods of cloud computing can be very confusing. Consider working with a hybrid cloud solutions provider—such as Nfina—to get started. That way you will be set no matter what direction you want to take your cloud computing.

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