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Expanding Your Small Business? How Can You Keep Energy Costs Down?

12 May 2016
Technology, Articles

If you've recently made the transition from home-based business to your first storefront, or if demand for your services has encouraged you to expand your business to a larger space, you may be excited at the possibilities open before you. A larger storefront in a highly-trafficked area can provide you with an entirely new stream of walk-in customers and give you and your staff the space you need to do your jobs well.
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Cord-Cutter? 3 Tips For Using The Money You Save On Cable To Create An Amazing Home Theater System

16 December 2015
 Categories: Technology, Articles

If you are one of the almost one-quarter of adults who no longer subscribe to cable TV, then you made a wise financial decision and are now part of the cord-cutter community. The average cable subscriber pays just under $780 every year just for a basic cable package that may or may not even have many shows that interest them. You likely don't even miss it, since there are so many options today for streaming online content right to your television.
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The Benefits Of Touch Screen Monitors And How To Choose The Best One For You

6 October 2014
 Categories: Technology, Articles

Modern technology has brought with it a vast array of changes in computing, not least of which is the emergence of touch screen monitors. Touch screen monitors are a relatively new invention, and alongside the smartphone allow a much more interactive and natural experience for users. Benefits of Touch Screen Monitors In addition to looking extremely slick and high-tech, touch screen monitors bring with them a number of advantages to the consumer:
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