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The Advantages Of Traditional Landlines Over Mobile Phones

29 December 2016
Technology, Blog

Startups and small businesses have been increasingly moving towards mobile-only infrastructures. But a mobile-only infrastructure can only go so far. There are still some advantages that traditional landline connections have. Companies that are considering a shift towards a mobile infrastructure should consider these benefits first. Landline Connections Have Better Connectivity Landline connections will nearly always connect. They will also automatically connect to emergency services. But mobile phones may not be able to connect all the time.
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About The Services An IT Company Can Provide To Your Business

1 November 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Do you need to make some changes to your business computer systems because they crash a lot? There are a few things that can be causing the problem, such as running too many software programs on each computer. The best way to resolve the problem is to get in touch with an internet technology (IT) company so a customized plan can be made for your company. This article has the answers to a few of the important questions that you might have in mind about the services of an IT company.
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Two Tips To Help You Get The Best Deal On Internet Service

31 October 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you're like many people, the Internet has become a staple in your life. The ability to send emails, check out your favorite online videos and stay in the know twenty-four hours a day can be absolutely infectious, and you may even wonder how you lived before the Internet was so widespread. However, the conveniences of the Internet comes at a premium, and you may find that your Internet access bill is starting to break the bank.
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Reducing Contamination Issues When First Using Your Piezo Scanner

14 October 2016
 Categories: Technology, Articles

If you have recently started using a piezo or STM scanner in your laboratory to look at the molecular structure, topography, and the thermal conductivity of small sample materials, then you undoubtedly want all of your testing to be completed without contamination. Contamination can occur quite easily, especially when sample sizes are so tiny. Keep reading to learn about some easy ways to keep contamination to a minimum so you do not have to complete tests over and over again when you first start using the scanner machine.
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Slow Gaming Phone? Here’s A Few Fixes

21 September 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Mobile gaming has grown to be more than just puzzle games and hidden object adventures. The wider world of gaming is becoming mobile as well, and if you're playing a graphics-intensive mobile game with a lot of processing power use, you can't deal with slow performance in other parts of the phone. If your phone is moving slow and has made your once smooth-operating game a choppy chugfest, here's a few tips that can get you back into the game.
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